DECAY: Discover the beauty in our decaying bodies

“From my rotting body,  flowers shall grow and i am in them and that is eternity.”
– Edvard Munch
DECAY is an installation project which portrays the decomposition of our bodies as we grow older everyday. Here, the depictions of decaying food and living organisms are pure evidences of time passing & ephemerality, reflecting our inevitably deteriorating human bodies which are not seen to our naked eyes. Having a positive take on this harsh reality, my project aims to encourage people out there to live lives  to their fullest potential and shine from the inside — past their decaying outer self.
There are three main objects used to represent  various aspects of the human body:
Strawberry | Heart
Bread | Flesh
Flowers | Skin

1. Books

Three photography journals that contain a series of visual documentations of the three objects respectively every week as time passes. They also consist of the inner reflections of made–believe individuals as they grow older in to the their heart, flesh, and skin. The narratives encourage viewers to live their lives in a way that they would not have regretted or done anything different at the end of the day, when age finally catches up on them evidently through their bodies. It urges them to create  their own beauty beneath the ugly.

2. Installation
Accompanying the book journals, the installation showcases the three actual decaying objects enclosed in glass jars. Their presence serves to shock the viewers and make them feel grotesque out. The reality of time passing is right there, evidently before our eyes. Audience will see the jars first, followed by the photography journals in the actual installation.
3. Poster
The poster is a publicising tool for the exhibition. The full–bleed red strawberries are almost unrecognisable at first look and lures people in to find out more about what this installation is all about.

You are not a controller of time, but you can control how you spend it to make your life more meaningful.

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